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chat with my self

kitty: what’s going on??
kinanti: nothing
kitty: sure?
kinanti: yeah..
kitty: but u looks like a mummy. come on, tell me..
kinanti: seriously, i got nothing to say
kitty: you have a problem?
kinanti: everybody has
kitty: and u too?
kinanti: sure
kitty: tell me your problem
kinanti: i don’t know how to tell
kitty: come on, share with me and i’ll help you solve your problem if i can
kinanti: i just felt missed something
kitty: what ‘thing’??
kinanti: i dont know
kitty: omg!
kinanti: yeah.. omg
kitty: you need help, baby
kinanti: i do
kitty: so why u don’t want to let me try to help you
kinanti: cos i thought you can’t help me either
kitty: how can u know? you not even try
kinanti: i miss him
kitty: then call him and say that
kinanti: i can’t
kitty: why?
kinanti: he don’t understand
kitty: are u sure?
kinanti: yes
kitty: how can u know?
kinanti: i just know it
kitty: you not even try
kinanti: i love him
kitty: that’s not problem, hun..
kinanti: that is a big problem now
kitty: why?
kinanti: i don’t know
kitty: you don’t know??
kinanti: yeah i don’t know
kitty: come on tell me, i don’t understand
kinanti: i love him. but i don’t know why.
kitty: are you really need a reason for being in love?
kinanti: i do
kitty: ok! let say you love him becouse he is handsome
kinanti: i meet so many handsome guy everyday
kitty: hum.. how about, becouse he is smart
kinanti: he not even finish his study yet
kitty: oow.. it’s getting hard.. how about you love him becouse he is rich
kinanti: he still live with his family
kitty: arrgg! you love him becouse he loves u
kinanti: …
kitty: am i right?
kinanti: …
kitty: i am right, isn’t it?
kinanti: i don’t know
kitty: you don’t know what?
kinanti: i don’t know is he loves me or not..
kitty: he know u?
kinanti: yes
kitty: u talk with him?
kinanti: everyday
kitty: have a date?
kinanti: hu uh
kitty: is he kiss u goodnight?
kinanti: he did
kitty: so why u still argue is he loves u or not?
kinanti: cos he never said that
kitty: are u really need to hear that he loves u even everything he did is bigger than the words ‘i love u’ from him
kinanti: i just need to hear that once
kitty: why?
kinanti: cos i need it
kitty: ….
kinanti: is that wrong?
kitty: no. why u not ask him about that?
kinanti: i don’t want to push him say that word..
kitty: but u need to hear that
kinanti: yes
kitty: why?
kinanti: cos some time when u love someone u need to say that, even just once
kitty: ok
kinanti: u got it?
kitty: i do
kinanti: so, what the solution?
kitty: i’ll text him and ask him to say that to u if he really loves u
kinanti: no!
kitty: yes! thats will solve ur problem
kinanti: no. promise me that u wont text him
kitty: ok ok.. i promise [i cross my finger]
kinanti: thanks
kitty: anytime

“if you need to hear something u never hear, than find it! don’t wait.. cos we never know how long we can wait..”

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for you, the one who never understand

I am tired with you..
I’m tired of trying to understand you..
I’m tired of wishing u would love me..

but should I go away even though I was the one who really needs you..
even though I was not able to be alone..

yes, I’ve long since stopped expecting you really love me too..
I have long stopped hoping you will grant all your promise..

but I remain faithful to love you..
even though ill, though hurt ..
I try to survive..
though not for you, but for myself ..

I love you
always love you
until the end of my time in the world
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YES!! i love fashion..

meskipun beberapa orang beranggapan fashion yang saya gunakan sehari-hari jauh dari pada fashion pada umumnya.. saya terbiasa menggunakan apa yang bisa membuat saya nyaman.. tapi untuk event-event tertentu saya sering menggunakan baju yang mengikuti fashion..

dan beberapa bulan yang lalu saya menemukan website yang mengakomodasi saya untuk bereksperimen dengan fashion..


sangat patut dicoba bagi siapa pun yang menyukai fashion. eits.. ini bukan iklan.. saya hanya berbagi kepada mereka yang menyukai fashion dan berminat mengkolaborasi fashion.. 🙂

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